From the Aevintyra Family

  • Lunar New Year Parade

    We celebrated the Lunar New Year in Downtown Los Angeles's Annual Golden Dragon Parade in Chinatown.  
    We had the opportunity to march in the parade along side The Immortals - an amazing Lion Dance group!  
    It was so fun to be so close to the Lions and the Dragon!  The kids were exhausted from walking that long route (even with Josh carrying both of them most of the way!)
    Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy Year...
  • Anaheim Adventures: Star Wars Marathon & Medieval Times

    This past weekend was the Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland in Anaheim.  Josh was the only one willing to run the marathon... So I made sure he was dressed appropriately in a Tauntaun jogging suit!  
    (Mini Han and Leia were his cheering squad!)

    After, we went to Medieval Times for dinner and enjoyed the *intense* dinner show!

    Family Adventure Patch Earned: Amusement Park!
  • Santa's Village Reopening!

    Many of us who grew up in California remember this place called Santa's Village in Lake Arrowhead.  We remember it fondly from our childhood!  It opened in 1955 and closed for business in 1998 (in disrepair and very low attendance).   It looked like this...

    It was purchased in 2014 and is being refurbished and reopened as an Adventure park called Skypark. The "new" park will feature adventure...
  • Thanksgiving in Hawaii

    We spent Thanksgiving in Oahu with family this year!   

    Aevintyra Bag Soaking in the Sun

    The Aevintyra Bag saved the day at the North Shore Shrimp Trucks!  It was raining so Josh dropped me off to get some shrimp and drinks.  I didn't have an extra hand for the drink... So I stuck it in the waterproof "trash pocket" as a drink holder!

     Family Adventure Patch Earned:  Beach Fun!

  • Why I had to make my own diaper bag!

    There are hundreds of "diaper bags" on the market.  

    But what about when you don't have a "baby" anymore, but you still have kids, and you need the functionality of a diaper bag, but in a smaller, more compact, everyday bag?

    Things I disliked about all the bags geared towards parents on the market....

    • They were too big and too heavy... Even with nothing in it!  (especially leather and coated fabric bags!)
    • There were never enough pockets, and everything fell into a big hole on the bottom.
    • The pockets they did have were usually too big and deep, and not very functional.
    • "Spot cleaning" was not clean enough for me.
    • When I don't have kids with me, I don't want to look like I'm carrying a diaper bag!

    Things I wanted in my everyday mom bag was:

    1. Easy and fast access to wipes
    2. A waterproof trash pocket for food wrappers, dirty wipes, soiled socks, etc.
    3. Quick access pockets I can throw my keys in and pull out quickly, without digging around for them
    4. A zippered pocket to hide the diapers/training pants/toilet seat liners and training seat cover.
    5. A pocket just for my wallet, and my personal things like make-up.
    6. Drink pockets on the inside... Because on the outside makes it look like a diaper bag!

    My "Type A" bag is the product of a Type A parent making her own diaper bag :)



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