• Why I had to make my own diaper bag!

    There are hundreds of "diaper bags" on the market.  

    But what about when you don't have a "baby" anymore, but you still have kids, and you need the functionality of a diaper bag, but in a smaller, more compact, everyday bag?

    Things I disliked about all the bags geared towards parents on the market....

    • They were too big and too heavy... Even with nothing in it!  (especially leather and coated fabric bags!)
    • There were never enough pockets, and everything fell into a big hole on the bottom.
    • The pockets they did have were usually too big and deep, and not very functional.
    • "Spot cleaning" was not clean enough for me.
    • When I don't have kids with me, I don't want to look like I'm carrying a diaper bag!

    Things I wanted in my everyday mom bag was:

    1. Easy and fast access to wipes
    2. A waterproof trash pocket for food wrappers, dirty wipes, soiled socks, etc.
    3. Quick access pockets I can throw my keys in and pull out quickly, without digging around for them
    4. A zippered pocket to hide the diapers/training pants/toilet seat liners and training seat cover.
    5. A pocket just for my wallet, and my personal things like make-up.
    6. Drink pockets on the inside... Because on the outside makes it look like a diaper bag!

    My "Type A" bag is the product of a Type A parent making her own diaper bag :)



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