• Sneak peek into our first product!

    As a "work at home mom", I worked at night and had my kids with me all day. From buying groceries, to dentist appointments, to running business errands, or getting my car serviced. I had to do it all with impatient and tantrum-bound children.  My most crucial line of defense was having a purse/bag prepared with everything I need, such as snacks, drinks, small toys, wipes for messes, and diaper change supplies.  But I also needed MY stuff... and I didn't want - or need- to carry a large diaper bag.

    I tried many different bags, looking for one with the right pockets and organizational design to suit my needs. None of them were "just right".  I sew, so I butchered bags, added on pockets...I even thinned out parts to make them smaller and lighter. I fantasized about the perfect "Parent Bag" -  For those of us with toddlers and/or school-aged kids.  Who need some of the functionality of a diaper bag, but don't want the bulk, the weight, or the look of a diaper bag.

    I also had ideas how to make this bag even more functional, more compact, and the most parent-friendly for the active parent.  Easy access pockets for keys and phones, waterproof pockets for food and dirty stuff, quick draw wipes, and a special trash compartment.  (My kids are always handing me trash!)  Plus, when I don't have my kids with me, and I don't need to be carrying all that stuff, I still want a nice looking bag on me.  One night, I sat down and I made my DREAM BAG.  And now we are moving it into production!

    The manufacturing process has been long, slow, and complicated.  But we are on our way!  Stay tuned -- We should have some pictures of our first prototype up soon!!!

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